Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Sunny Tuesday

Here we are on a lovely sunny day in Scotland, hopefully we will have more days like this before Autumn starts.  It is lovely to see the pots of Bizzy Lizzies in my garden still in full flower, I did wonder if they would be finished by the time we returned from holiday.  The very large white Buddlea in the garden has finished flowering this week but what a perfume it had, it was the scent of it that filled my head when I opened the conservatory window when we first entered the house after the hols.  Funny thing this year again we have a purple branch right in the middle of the white bush but it looks rather lovely...unfortunately I suppose I should cut it out to stop it from reverting back to the purple colour. Don't have a photograph of the Buddlea as it had bloomed fully while I was away.

A close up of my beautiful clematis which is Belle Etoil (I think) funny how labels seem to disappear, I used to blame our Golden Retriever dog for taking them but as she's been gone for about 5 years and this clematis has been moved about in the garden since then, well .... has to be down to the gremlin that lives in our house!!! 

Just so you don't forget what winter looks like here is one taken through my conservatory window at the beginning of this year.  Notice the area of snow I cleared to put down some wild bird seed and which is usually investigated by the grey squirrels living in the wood next to me (oh and next door's cat too).
Winter did become worse, one morning the snow had banked halfway up my conservatory door and as it opens outwards we were trapped inside, couldn't open that door for a couple of days.  Hubby had to climb over the wall to clear it away so I could vent my tumble dryer out to dry our clothes.  He was a happy bunny ...not!

I have been crafting away but so far haven't photographed any of it yet. 
This picture is of one of my softies made last year and I call him Daredevil Dan.  He has a little rhyme that goes "My name is Daredevil Dan, with my cape I can fly as fast as I can...just like Superman".  It's made from stars and stripes fabric and as Superman was american I thought the fabric appropriate.

As all you crafters out there know it is hard juggling life, home, family commitments and still try to steal some time for crafting without feeling guilty so sometimes other things have to be left undone (in my case it's tidying up and ironing to name only two) and if you are trying to build up stock for craft fairs then a lot is left undone.  Sometimes (well a lot of times) I wish I was like the actress in the old american series of Bewitched who wiggled her nose and everything was done...yeah I'd go for that!

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  1. I love your garden.. it even looks lovely in the snow.. to the crafting myself I am not in the mood (lost my mojo again) but certainly love your dare devil dan.