Sunday, 29 August 2010

Lazy Sunday

Well it isn't really a lazy Sunday as I was up and out for 11.30am putting out leaflelts advertising our forthcoming Art/Crafts Exhibition being held in our Shopping Centre(old Mackays Store) for 6 weeks to raise money for Redburn School for children with assisted learning needs.
After putting out several hundred leaflets (and I need more to finish my area) I poppd into my local Farmfoods store (Sunday opening is a godsend sometimes) for some frozen vegetables (so healthy for you) and found myself at the sweety section (gave myself a talking to and said 'No') but then found myself at Weightwatchers desert section where I choose a pack of Double Chocolate Brownies (which is not so healthy!) My reasoning - 1 of these is only 3 points against several chocolate bars (yes, I'd honestly eat several one after the other) which would be well over my points total of 21 for the day and as I'm not doing very well losing weight I think I did a good choice...except if I eat 2 one after another!!!!
No, folks I rationed myself and only ate 1 but it was so good especially as I was so tired after walking for over two hours and bending down to those silly letterboxes that are at the bottom of doors (these should be banned, and I congratulate postmen everywhere for managing to deliver our mail as well as they do).
So now I'm home and didling about on the computer, having a coffee before I start to prepare tonight's dinner.  Hubby on 12 hour nightshift tonight so I need to have dinner ready for 4.30pm approx.  Shortens the day somewhat but also means I am unable to use sewing machine while he is sleeping but I get round that by having plenty of hand sewing to do then.  There are always ways and means round life's little problems.

Just to let you see what a chocoholic I am, here is a photo of a choccy ice cream I ate while in tenerife.  We had just come off the 'Peter Pan' old sailing boat trip to see the dolphins and we all wanted ice cream.  This is the princess with her's while I waited on mine arriving.  See the chocolate at the bottom of the glass well I have to confess I had to use the handle of the spoon to scrape it out and at 66 I don't think it was very elegant of me, but what do I care.... it was so yummy (and nothing separates my from chocolate!!)

Cousin Pat's ice cream and I was finished mine before she was.

The 'Peter Pan' before we boarded her for our dolphin trip.
 Watching for the dolphins and pilot whales.

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