Friday, 3 September 2010


Sorry for the missing fireplace picture from 'Hectic Friday' post I must have run out of space.  In fact this is my second time of creating this particular post as the cyber-space gremlin has been at it again and it's disappeared into the workings of the computer just like the photograph did.

The woman in this photograph is my daughter who has just started painting this year and has joined 'our gang' in painting murals for our Shopping Centre.  She started with pastels and now uses inks and acrylics. She showed no interest in painting when she was younger but now does amazing needlework as well as painting.  I am so proud of her, really whether she was painting or not I'd still be proud of her.

 This photograph shows a canvas which my daughter painted last year.  It is her first canvas and it is so big that we had to use the overhead projector to enlarge the image onto the canvas ready for painting (the way we do our 6' x 8' boards for painting murals).  It's called 'The Troika' (as it's reminiscent of Troika Pottery) and the original icon was created by a well known local Artist and sculpter.  Unfortunately it seems to have disappeared when the area around it was re-developed. My daughter had to paint the canvas downstairs in our mural painting shop before transporting it home where it hangs in her living room.

These three lovely ladies are called Crazy Maisie's and they go to the local 'Fame Academy of Dance' hence the dashing sweatbands and lace tutus.  I created the sock monkey ladies last year and now need to make more for a local craft fair which is coming up soon.
So is Christmas! coming soon.  Don't know where the year has gone.

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