Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Beautiful Tenerife

Hubby and I have had two holidays in Tenerife but we have come to love the island very much.  An added bonus is we have family living on the island but feel sure we would return to Tenerife even if our family wasn't there.  The Canarian people are friendly, the shop workers are helpful too.  The islanders love you to try to converse in Spanish even if it's only a few words you can speak in their language.

Cousin Pat continues to instruct me in a few words of Spanish - we're waiting on the Gua Gua bus and she gives me the Bono ticket (this ticket allows you to use any bus until the value of your Bono ticket is used up, then you buy another one) and tells me what I've to say to the bus driver, "repeat after me, tres los cristianos por favor, run all the words together now".  So while waiting for the bus I'm standing repeating the mantra "tres los cristianos por favor "(felt a bit like a budgie, i have to say) till the bus came. Best of all the driver understood me, hurrah.  Now that's a very simple phrase but I'm not good at languages, sometimes mixing a smattering of French with Spanish just to confuse you (well it really confuses me).  Hubby on the other hand seems to remember words better, even dragging out the spanish he learned at school.  I learned Latin at school!!

Above is a photograph of another inhabitant you will find at the Monkey Park and yes you can touch him and feed him too as he wanders about the enclosure.

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  1. I see your doing so well with your blog.. and the posting of the pics .. Nice one Carol x